Comedy Juggler
Juggling Flash

A circus cabaret superhero tribute act.

King of the impossible, saviour of the universe, he's Juggling Flash Gordon. He's fought and defeated his nemesis, the evil Ming the Merciless. Now he's battling the dark force of gravity and determined not to let it get him down.

Armed with a 6 ft unicycle, glow juggling clubs, a walking globe, balancing ladder, and a twinkle in his eye, he's guaranteed to amuse and impress with his gravity defying superpowers.

Arrogant, vain, cheesy, camp, egotistical and cheeky, audiences love Flash, although not quite as much as he himself does. Juggling Flash is outrageous and larger than life, he needs to be seen to be believed.

"Flash has a unique ability to have his audience in hysterics and awe at the same time. He could be the saviour of the universe just by making people smile"

- Russ Ellingham, Organiser Frome Comic Con.

Show suitable for cabaret evenings, festivals, parties and other events. Can be performed as 2 x 10/12 min spots, 1 x 20 min spot or 1 x 30 min spot.

Rupert Elford (aka Juggling Flash) has been a professional comedy juggler for over 20 years and is based in Devon. He performs as Elfic the Juggler for all manner of events and venues as well as running circus skills workshops.

"Sheer awesomeness personified, he's magnificent, majestic and unlawfully handsome"

- J.F.

Contact info...

Do get in touch for bookings, pricing and availability.

Telephone 01803 868053 / 07828 141624

Email juggler@elfic.co.uk


Rupert Elford (Elfic) is fully D.B.S. checked, has public liability insurance and is a member of Equity.

Many thanks to
Harry Duns for studio photography www.harryduns.com
Reuben Speight for website www.relford.co.uk

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