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“Highly valuable, educational and memorable, yet entertaining and lots of fun.”
- Okehampton Primary School

Science meets circus, for an exciting hands-on day of performance and workshops in schools. Professor Elfic brings his scientific head, his juggling expertise, buckets of enthusiasm and a trunk full of equipment. By applying the principles of forces and motion to circus skills, he presents an inspiring and comical way of learning science.

The day works well for 3-4 classes, starting with the forces show (1 hour) for all participants, followed by circus skills workshops with each class individually (45-60 mins each). The school hall is needed for the whole day.

THE SHOW   In his madcap style, Professor Elfic sets out to defy gravity and understand what forces are all about. He performs feats of juggling, high unicycling, ladder walking and balancing acts to amaze and delight.

However there are some serious questions to be answered. Why do objects fall, slow down, speed up, change direction or remain balanced? Isaac Newton meets Charlie Chaplin, as Prof. Elfic endeavours to uncover the truth, whilst grappling with gravity.

Using practical examples, observation and experiment, he explains and simplifies a complex subject. Pupils are actively encouraged to participate and give their own observations and conclusions.

The show covers: Forces as “Pushes” and “Pulls”, Gravity, Friction, Air Resistance, Magnetism, Balanced & Unbalanced Forces, Centres of Gravity, Measurement of Forces.

THE CIRCUS SKILLS WORKSHOPS   All participants get a chance to put forces into action, by attempting some circus skills themselves. Tricks taught include ball & scarf juggling, peacock feather balancing, stilt walking, hoola hoop, diablo, devilstick & plate spinning.

Obviously a lot of fun, but circus skills are physically beneficial for improving coordination, dexterity and balance; whilst mentally for developing concentration, perseverance and confidence.

During the workshops, the scientific principles discussed in the show are reinforced, so the participants come away with a good understanding of the subject as well as some new skills learnt.

"In all my years of teaching I have never experienced such a scientific action packed hook. The journey that professor Elfic took us through was definitely a 'force' to be reckoned with. All of the children gained first hand experiences that will stay with them always. The circus workshop also generated so much writing and transference of skills. We can't wait to invite him back again for more exciting opportunities!"
- Jane Bird, Dartington C of E Primary

Although Rupert Elford (aka Prof. Elfic) has been a professional comedy juggler for over 20 years, he began life as a scientist and has a chemistry degree from Bristol University. He has performed his Science Circus shows in hundreds of schools around the Southwest.

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